How Do You Screenshot on an iPhone 7?

Hey guys…I just got an iPhone 7 and I’m trying to figure out how to take a screenshot. Can someone please tell me how to do it?

Thanks in advance…

Using Home and Power Buttons

  • Open the screen you want to capture
  • Press the Home button and the power button (Side button) simultaneously
  • Your iPhone 7 screen will flash briefly, indicating that the screenshot has been taken

Press the volume up and side or top buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot.

Before it vanishes, tap the preview in the lower left corner.

In the upper right corner, select the “Full Page” option. Before saving, you can utilize markup, preview every page, and more.

Sadly, iMessage is not compatible with this. The best course of action is to screen record and then edit it. It’s compatible with Safari, so feel free to give it a try.